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May 14, 2010

Sneak Peak at my new fabric line "Radiance", Modena Workshop pictures,More sewing tattoos,Comics, Your Color Fix for Today

Sneak Peak at my Newest Fabric Line
I am just giving you a little peak today and my next posting will be the entire line in all the color ways, blenders, stripes, over all, tosses etc.

(If you are going to Market, be sure to see it all at Avlyn's Booth"

MODENA; an Italian Balcony class
2 Quilt Guilds in different states, only one week apart, picked the same class and I just love it every time I see their faces perk up as they progress into this splendid wall quilt or table runner!

The quilter's home (HUGE) where the workshop was held had a stained glass she had made over the sink. We both could see how wonderful this would be in Bended Bias!
This is Teri Lucas, the program chair and I.
Sometimes I like to fiddle with filters and liked the
black and white soft effect I did.

Mother Nature gives us the perfect lighting and this home where the workshop was provided the perfect windows for tracing!

The class "Modena" was developed after I taught in Italy for Quilt Italia. I was walking the streets in Modena and saw such beautiful balconies. Almost all my quilts are inspired from something I saw during travel!

Yep! I found another sewing tattoo.
You can see more here and here.
Oh! (Seems sewing is a popular tat)


Thanks all and I hope you leave a comment!
Linda....gotta run.....


Anonymous said...

The quilters in both guilds made really unique table runners. I really enjoyed spending that last hour with my guild...they really had a great time with you. I can't wait to see what they finish!


PS...these color fixes are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed seeing all the variations from the Modena workshops! Thanks for sharing them. Now, about those pancakes?! LOL

Jackie said...

Oh, your fabric looks so detailed, all I can think about is how long it took to design it and how wonderful for me to just have to go and buy it and have it ready for use. Just beautiful.

I love the tablerunners, the design is absolutely fantastic.

Linda M. Poole said...

Teri - I am really happy you got to spend some time with us and help with quilting suggestions for them!

Barb- Thanks! I love that class and love seeing all the variations too. Now wouldn't you just love getting a stack of those pancakes one morning? It would be so cheery and giggly!

Jackie - Thank you. I do all my drawings by hand and I just love designing.

Sherri said...

Love the table runners and that house! Oh my!!! Your fabric lines are so refreshing! I am so proud of how far you've come! I used to know you WAY back when! lol

Only thing I didn't like were the multicolored pancakes. hehehehe hugs, me

Quilt Rat said...

okay so the Modena workshop photos are both fun and inspiring but .....
OMG! your new fabric is Stunning! it is absolutely electric!

Jaye said...

With your new fabric designs, I think you will get along with Paula Nadelstern very well!

Love the rainbow pancakes. Oh how I crave nice fluffy pancakes!

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