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April 9, 2009

Puppy quilt assistants,I need your thimble photos,Your Color Fix,Finishing the Kits,Quilt Cars,

When I find something good, I like to share it. I love this post....enjoy!

Zoie takes her quilt assistant job very seriously. Her main job is to "just be." Ya be good, to be-have, to...just be. It's the best job a puppy quilt assistant could ever have. But lately, she thinks she should be a little more involved when I take pics of the quilts or quilt tops......somehow she thinks she should help model them......sigh.

What I did for the past few days.....cutting, cutting, packing, winding thread, winding bias tape,copies and more to make the fully loaded kits of "Floral Delights" for the Original Sewing and Quilt Expo in Worchester, MA next week.
I love picking the fabrics (I always pick a few choices of fabrics for the kits so that you have a choice of what color vase, flowers and leaves you would like to use.) It was a fun kit to put together.

And can see the violets in full bloom too!
ANd here is what the finished kit looks like! I always make a few extra kits for just in case. If I have any left over after next week and you would like to be on a waiting list for one, email me:
And thanks to those that purchased the extra Dolphin Kits!!
This is a great class to teach for quilt guilds. I usually don't make the loaded kits and it's great fun to see all the different variations the members come up with.

I am on a quest to find the most funkiest, weirdest, strangest,tallest, tiniest, beautiful and out of the norm thimbles you may have. I am gathering info for an article and presentation. So if you or your friends have a thimble story and own some of the bizarre thimbles out me and send me a pic.
Do you only collect a certain theme? Have you visited somewhere and purchased or were gifted something "different? Did you inherit or find a thimble with a story behind it? I'm just looking for anything thimble related that would make great info. Ask your quilt guild,sewing,crafty friends out there for me.

Do you think you own the largest thimble collection ever or display your thimbles a little differently? I need your photo!! So, go tell your friends and family that I am looking for their thimbles. Help me out !!! I'm looking for nostalgic, beautiful, funny, political, 3 dimensional....well you get the picture! Oh....and if you've made a quilt with a thimble in it....let me know!!!
May I be so bold to ask that if you have a blog, would you plead on my behalf, don't have to plead, you can send them to my blog to read the details. Now wouldn't it be fun to see for yourself the thimbles I gather to show???
What Zoie does when I quilt,work, blog, cook.....
You've all met Zoie by now. She's full of energy and growing fast. She is the most loving little pup I could ever have. She listens for the most part, but sometimes.....
Mom's blogging again...ho hum....boring. Since I'm 7 months old now and growing, I need my sleep....on the pillow of course. I'm really not allowed here, but I can hoist myself up when nobody sees me.
I think I just got snagged by mom. Maybe she'll let me stay?
Ok,Ok Mom....I'll get down...but don't you have to go back to your blog??? Do I get a treat if I get down? No? hehe...I'll be back on my nice comfy pillow when she leaves.


YAY for the Quilt Float!!!
We have quilt shows and airing of the quilts, so why don't we have "Quilt Parades?" I think it would be a fantastic idea for Nat'l Quilting Day. What a beautiful, colorful and fun parade it would be!

A solution on what to do with all that stuff you don't know what to do with!
Do you have a bazillion gloves that you don't know what to do with??

Ron Dolce is an Oakland, CA artist who spent 18 years adhering mosaic glass tiles to this 1969 VW Beetle. It all began by him covering over a dent. All I can say is that I would love to see him make a real live quilt after looking what he can do with design and color in tiles....oh....and this man can surely embellish too. I love the license plate.

Jill Bell from Urbana, MD is a quilter.....a die hard quilter indeed. When she saw a dent in her Saturn she painted a band-aid over it.After the winter passed and the painted band-aid survived, she thought she would like to repaint her entire car in "nail polish". YIKES!!!So for the next 13 months she gathered nail polish from anyone that would donate it to her. (Now that's a lot of nail polish girls!), She decided to paint her car in a patchwork theme. My hat goes off to Jill....that is one serious quilt loving gal.


Karen Newman Fridy said...

Your puppy does give a nice sense of scale to your quilt! That mailbox - I could make several of those from the stuff my kids leave lying around. Too funny!

TextileTraveler said...

Wow--now that's covering some ground in a blog post! I also have a quilt assistant; her name is Max (short for Maxine), and she's Head of Quality Control. Her job is to sniff the finished piece and, like your assistant, to lie beautifully on it while I try to take pictures. I made her her own quilt, but she prefers to believe they ALL belong to her :-)

ooglebloops said...

Zoie is getting cuter- if that is possible!!! Just like a cat - has to be on top of everything!!!!That guilty look as she slinks off the couch is precious!!!

Linda M. Poole said...

Karen....the funny thing about the mailbox is that she actually made it and put it out there....she's got guts!!! And Zoie is one amazing little pup....

Textile Traveler....Yeah, I do cover alot of's like my head...full of the unusual!!! :-) Zoie like Max seems to have a need for that seal of approval...hmmmm...maybe I will put on all my labels "Zoie Approved"

ooglebloops....That guilty look happens quite often these days...her cuteness is what saves her! :-)

From Here to There said...

That pup is seriously cute! And thanks! for the shots of color. They were a real pick-me-up.

Linda M. Poole said...

From here to there....I know, I know...that puppy of mine is insanely cute and she knows it. She gets away with ALOT!!! :-) ANd you are so welcome of the color shots....they pick me up me color is everything! Thanks for stopping any thimbles??? :-)

Micki said...

You cover a lot of topics in one post. I love you cute!
I do collect thimbles, but not weird ones.

Linda M. Poole said...

Hi Micki....I always have alot I want to share, so I try to get a little of this and that into a post!!! Do you have any interesting thimbles with a story???

JulieZS said...

I love love love that mailbox! Your puppy is so cute, glad that she's such a good helper. I have no thimble pics for you, as I don't use them. That's what happens when one has man-sized fingers, thimbles do not fit.

Kathie said...

adorable puppy pictures!
oh my I Love the Floral Delights quilt, beautiful.
no I could never imagine painting my car with nail polish!
great pictures...thanks

Linda M. Poole said...

Ohhh Julie...if you only knew how she helps! Every quilt is licked with her approval. Got any decorative thimbles?

Kathie - I couldn't imagine painting my car with nail polish either....brave woman she is.

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