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January 14, 2009

Inspired by Windmills

I am always inspired by everyplace I go, and always have my camera in hand. I am so fortunate that I get to travel to some wonderful places in this world from being an International Quilt Instructor. But this time, in the pictures that I posted, I was in Germany with my parents. It was their 50th anniversary and with all the frequent flyer miles that I have racked up, I thought I would bring them to Paris, France, Germany, and Italy. You see, I am a first generation American with parents from Europe, so I get to go to Europe often to see my families there. My dad (from Northern Germany) was brought up with windmills all around where he lived. This is one of them, and I loved how the surrounding homes would have windmill designs bricked right into their homes. Makes wonderful quilt designs, huh? Thought you would think that! So...I am working on a new quilt lecture that will incorporate designs that are all around us everywhere we go. Feel free to use these 2 windmill designs in a quilt block and send me a picture ( just may have your quilt block in my next lecture! Cool, huh?
So, tell your friends to see this design and join in!!!

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