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November 12, 2009

I'm making a quilt for me, Cool Quilty Things,Your color fix for today it goes! I am declaring that since we spend so much time making quilts for everything else under the sun, it is "time" we make a quilt for "ourselves". Can ya believe this??? Yep, a true bonafied quilt that we can call our own, one we get to snuggle under. Make it simple, make it elaborate....make it anything your little heart desires....but just make it for YOU.

Let's spread the word, let's spread it far and wide....let's let other quilters know "It's time" for us to make a quilt for ourselves. It's okay, it's not selfish, it's not gonna cramp our time commitments. Ya know why? Because we deserve to cuddle ourselves in something we love to do. Are ya with me? Are ya ready? Get your head in gear to do this. Don't hem and haw over a pattern, just pick something, anything.....just get your scissors, rotary cutter, needles, threads, sewing machine....whatever way you choose to make it....but....LET'S JUST DO IT! is what you need to do. Grab this icon and put it on your blog, put it on your facebook, My Space, Website....anywhere! Get your friends to join. Let's make this universal that it is "really okay" to make ourselves a quilt.

Link my blog to your blogroll, add a comment to this blog, generate excitement and I will post your completed "YOU" quilt at the end of the self challenge.

We will have a virtual celebration, sip drinks of your choice, oggle at all the quilts we will be snuggling under and just be plain ole proud that we did it!

Deadline (and don't super stress) will be Valentine's Day, Feb 14th. Why then? Because we "Love" to quilt!

Let's get to it....let me hear from ya!!!




SewAmy said...

love this post and all the cool quilty pictures.

Ky said...

Yeah for making a quilt for yourself! I am too and I added your link about it to our group blog. I can't wait to see your about a hint? :-)

Anonymous said...

These color fixes are really beginning to energize me! Thanks Linda can't wait to see what's next.


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