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May 2, 2009

Old Coats & Clark Poster,Sunshine Class,A Bit of Nostagia,A Quilted Gas Station,Color Fix for Today

Crossing my fingers....I truly believe that winter is behind us here in northeast Pennsylvania! WooHoo!!! That makes me so happy. Spring gives me that feeling of a fresh start. Time to purge old stuff that has been around all winter. I took this photo at the garden center. Johnny Jump-ups are my most favorite little flower. So colorful, so happy and they stay around until the autumn.
I ran across this old Coats and Clark thread poster. I wonder what came to mind when this artist created it. A monkey, cat and fish? Now what does that have to do with thread?
Sunshine and Stained Glass
Another fun and sunny class. I love seeing all the different "sunshines" that come about. Such a nice and simple class and the end results are always stunning. Great going girls!

Now listen up....if you are taking a class with me, don't pack up so fast at the end of class! I "LOVE" taking pics, especially when we all put out quilt tops on the wall of fame...but you all get the gist...there were a full 24 sunshine tops on the wall.....but I was a little slow getting my camera out this time!!!
A Bit of Nostalgia
Remember chewing gum as a kid and saving all those wrappers to make the gum chain? I especially liked the striped gum with the striped colored wrappers. I remember making my chain all summer long....I wonder what ever happened to all my chains? But look!!! Look at what you now can do w
ith these chains....pretty cool huh?

A Quilted Gas Station?
The Gas Station Project

The first project of the International Fiber Collaborative was to provide an opportunity for people who enjoyed working with fiber arts, whether professional artists, hobbyists or students, to come together from all over the world to express their concern about the worlds extreme dependency on oil. The project was called the World Reclamation Art Project (W.R.A.P.), otherwise known as the Gas Station Project. Participants crocheted, knitted, stitched, patched, or collaged 3 foot square fiber panels that expressed each participants concern about the topic. Simply by designing and creating these panels and participating in this project, they were expressing their concern about this important subject to all nations. All of the panels were then sewn together to completely cover an abandoned gas station in central New York State.
To read more about this, click here.
I just love when people get together, work with colors and textures and create something wonderful. Don't you? Have you been a part of anything like this? Let me know!

So as I wind up my day and ready to power down my computer, I wonder if any of you have done some awesome stuff related to quilting. Have you made anything out of the ordinary that is quilted? Email me a pic and let me know. I am always looking for the unique stuff out there! So ask your friends or rat them out if you know of something they have made....quilted toilet seat covers? Ummmm...quilted lampshades?
Till the next time........Linda
If you enjoy my blog....let others know!


ooglebloops said...

Love these pictures!!! Re the Coats & Clark poster- organ grinder monkeys were popular back then - and we all know monkeys are mischievous. I'm guessing the company was trying to show that their thread is sooo strong - it can keep a cat from getting that fish - and so simple a monkey can use it????!?!Well,I don't know about the simple part,'s a thought!!!

Musicmaker said...

where do you find all your awesome, full of color images, and where can I get some??????

Linda M. Poole said...

ooglebloops-love your comments on the monkey....too funny huh? But you made sense about the thread's strength

Musicmaker- so happy you stooped if I told ya where I find color, I would give away my sources...VBG...but keep coming back for your color fixes!!!

happyone said...

Beautiful bright colors!!
My mom worked at Coats and Clark when I was a kid and used to bring home lots of thread and wool.
I do remember the gum chains and still have mine! :-) A few years ago I taught two of my grandchildren how to make them and we made one together.

LeslieN said...

Love your blog. And I'm so glad I popped in. My eyes are still dancing over the concept of the guilted gas station. What fun. Thanks for posting it. And the pretty colors.

Walker Lady said...

What a treat to see the projects your class produced. That star fabric with the blue bands of color is the same one hubby and I bought nine years ago and was used in our wedding quilt!

As always, loved the color photos too. :)


Dionne said...

What a wonderful array of pictures! I love the stain glass quilt tops. I wish you were teaching a class in Bellevue WA (hint, hint).
PS - the quilted gas station is FABULOUS!

Linda M. Poole said...

happyone - What a lucky girl you were to get all that thread and wool. You really have your gum chains from a kid??? WOW, I am impressed!

Leslie-Thank you for popping in....that gas station is awesome, glad you enjoyed!

Dionne- Thanks for likeing the pics....I really enjoy sharing them. If you are in a guild, let them know about me! :-)

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