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February 23, 2009

I'm a Guest Blogger on Quilting Gallery

It's such an honor to be a Guest Blogger on the Quilting Gallery, a place that is rich with some amazing talent out there. Click on the graphic below and you can read a little of how a compulsive child (that's me!) turned into a professional quilter by chance. Oh...and the best part....there are 2 contests I am holding and a special offer to all of you! Thanks and I look forward to your comments!
I’m a Guest Blogger on Quilting Gallery


Leslie said...

Love the post. Love the fairy book and love you too, Miz Mav!

As to scissors, where to start? I think at last count, there were 35 pair. As I am a lefty, I have to have proper scissors and then there have to be scissors for fabric and then scissors for paper and other stuff... Yikes, no wonder there are 3 coffee cans with scissors standing in them.. Pin Cushions, 7 or 8 at last count.

ann said...
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ann said...

Sounds like you are a real achiever. Congrats! I would stay longer, but I HATE sites with music. Enjoy the journey, ann

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