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December 31, 2009

Eve, Zoie wants her quilt, A peak into my office and setting my goals....join me

So the year 2009 is almost a memory
I love when a year ends. It's like wiping the slate
clean and giving yourself that fresh new start to all "new" things. We can do this anytime throughout the year, but there is something about taking down the old calender and putting up the new one. It's a time for reflection, waking on January 1st with optimism and tackling all the wonderful things that will come to us. We have to believe that good things will "what ifs" or "maybes"...just get in that mind set that GREATNESS will happen.

From my Quilted Fairie Tales book, this beautiful faerie's name is Eve, Keeper of Resolutions. She listens to all of the resolutions and keeps them all inside her Resolution Journals.It's just a reminder to those that made them.
This wonderful quilt was made by Alison Rumble from Kingston-Upon-Hull, UK,
"Eve" toured 3 years with my Quilted Fairie Tales Exhibit.

Oh that little Zoie of mine...she is one little amazing clown who brings me laughter. She is my quilting muse. What you see here are the little 3 inch blocks made for her quilt. It is a priority on my list along with making a quilt for ME.

And if you would like to order Quilted Fairie Tales, click o
n the book which brings you to my website! (Out of the country? Email me for postage rates)
This year on my blog, I will talk about goals , setting them and achieving them. Everything I write is just how I see things. It may not be your way, but maybe it will encourage you, spark a new idea or prompt you to leave a comment with a better way!!!
I am letting you into my "command center"...well, the place I have one of my computers, where my art supplies are, paperwork and NO...I am not re
ady to show you the sewing area just yet!
This is my little $25.00 find many years back from a store going out of business. I love this hutch. It's perfect and it makes me happy. Inside are all my art supplies I use to draw,paint and design fabric and patterns. I love the little sign "Imagine" hanging above. The quilt top hanging on the left door is the quilt I will be quilting for ME!!! MY QUILT...all mine!

I grow frantic and my motivation goes down the tube when I can't find the right brush where I last put the rotary cutter, or where is that thread that is perfect for this piece. It makes me insane and before I know it, I am unearthing things I forgot about and the next thing I am doing is cleaning....but WHAT ABOUT THE PROJECT I WAS DOING??? Moments, minutes and hours all wasted trying to find stuff. Go to the store and get some containers....pretty ones in colors you like. If you click on the pic above, you can see that I have an arrangement of all kinds of pen/pencil and brush holders. I like diversity, it makes me happy.
YIKES....above is my closet. I tried once before, I really did. I thought it was organized, but it looks congested and I don't like it. I know that the time I spend purging unwanted things and organizing it will save me time in the long run. Now use that saying as a mantra!!! I am.
I know I can organize it all at once and I don't want to do that. If I did, I wouldn't be creating. I have promised myself to spend the first hour of my day purging and putting something in order....I can do it while the coffee is dripping and the computer is powering up.

My books in order but what a mess on top.....must find a place for the fabrics I brought home from Holland.
So, here is where I do my paperwork, emailing, computer stuff and file papers. Again, I thought I gave it a good shot with the colorful containers, but I want a more open, airy feeling. I need to tackle that pile pronto.
Don't even look under the desk....ok....I know you did!
This is just a tiny little glimpse into my "goals". I will address creative goals and my own personal goals as the year goes along
When I was little, I asked questions. ALOT of questions....all the time. I'm glad I still have that "endearing quality"....giggles. And again...."Mom, why the dorky straight bangs?".I just love how these tiles look like a quilt. I bet you see quilts in everyday life dontcha?
I love this....I just love nostalgic cards.
Why don't they make them like these anymore??
I hope you have enjoyed this year full of color fixes. I can't live without color and I know that it stimulates my senses and makes me want to create.....shall I continue the color fixes?

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and everyone of you for spending time here this year. From deep within, I wish you peace inside your own heart, health for you, your family and friends and a creative muse that not let you procrastinate or stack off one bit. A creative muse that fills you with so many ideas your hands will be busy creating as you hum and a fulfilled with happiness.
Happy New Year's my friends.

P.S. I hope you will leave me a comment right here on the blog!


Anonymous said...

Inspired once again by the color fix...I can see quilts/quilt design out of these. Will read the inspiration/goal setting later.
happy quilting!

KathyP from PA said...

Happy New Year! What a great positive start to the New Year!
Keep the creativity flowing~
you inspire us. Love your blog.

Jackie said...

don't stop the colour fix, please, that is one ofthe main reasons i so love your blog

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