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February 22, 2009

Doodles,Pics of class,Your Color Fix

My bud Jaye from my Quilt Mav group and facebook was blogging about doodling. She had some great posts on notebooks and blogs. Well, another Mav friend Sherri tooted in on the comments as well as I. We all decided to "try" and be creative at least once a week by doodling. And then yet another Mav friend Julie supported our endeavors and lo and behold, Jaye blogged about us doing this and it's open to anyone who wants to give it a go. Go to Jaye's blog to read all about this!
The Doodle prompt was - Beginnings.
I chose to doodle a tree. A tree was what popped into my head. Maybe an acorn would have been more appropriate, but a tree called out to me. I used a black thin sharpie pen and just randomly drew swirls and created little doodles within them. I liked it alot in black and white, but I remembered I had water colors that possibly were dried up. I was presently surpirsed that they weren't.
So color was added, name signed and doodle done! I had a blast!!!

Peek into my classroom.......

A wonderful day in Pennsylvania teaching my class
"The Bird House". Nice simple shapes make a happy and cheery pictorial of a bird perched atop it's bird house. Perhaps not one bird is enough? Extend your tree branches and applique more of these winged creatures for a nice change!

Maureen Farr
Carol Cunningham

Jan DeGrath

Thank you to everyone who has emailed me and told me that you love "Your Color Fixes For Today". It makes me happy to know that the colors I research and find for you, inspire and uplift your creative spirits.I believe that colors are good for every person's soul and artistic energies!


Sherri said...

Love the tree! (and the toilet lids) lol Feel free to use Clara the cow as a blogger link back to Jaye's posting about this creative prompt stuff. :)
Thanks for joining in on the fun!

ooglebloops said...

That doodle has definitely morphed into a colorful zentangle of sorts!!! Very nice!!!
And, WHERE did you find those toilet seats!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Love the color fix! Your student's work is fun and whimsical. Thanks for sharing.


Unknown said...

Thanks everyone.......My toilet seats disappeared on my blog...boohoo.....I have been having issues with blogger lately!

Sherri, Clara's link is here

Ogglebloops, I really had fun doodling, it seems that since I've started again, I can't stop.

Teri, Every class is so much fun. I really try to encourage each student to make their work their own. There is the standard pattern in class, but I always encourage and help them make it their own by tweaking things if they want!

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